Approaching pre-alpha 1

Just a quick update:
As we approach pre-alpha 1, several systems have to be not only finalised but implemented in editors and the within the game itself.
This will be a long and logistically complicated process. But once done we will be in a fantastic place. We have already made significant headway into this process and are somewhere beyond the 50% point.
The current game design issue we are wrestling with is quest rewards and the progression system that uses those rewards. Being a contemporary, real-world game poses quite unique challenges that most RPGs don't have to worry about. After all, you can have 1000's of gear items in "wizard town", but you can't in a town in the UK.
We already have two solutions for this which have been tried and tested for over 2 decades in games, but we want a *better* solution if possible before we set it in stone for pre-alpha 1.